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Hope in the Mourning


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Hope in the Mourning 

written by Diana Gill 

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Season of Hope

Getting Well At Being Sick

This is a book written by Dave Hamata before he passed away. He had written 11 chapters and was not able to finish it. His wife and three daughters finished the book for him March 2017. Since that time it has been translated into Russian and sold in the beautiful country of Ukraine May 2018! Many lives have been touched!

Getting Well at Being Sick


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Hi Diana!  I just finished Dave's book this evening. I want to thank you for sharing your lives with us. It is an incredible story of faith and patience and a very challenging life journey. May God continue to walk with you through life ahead and thanks again for finishing his story so we all can benefit from the wisdom of the advice shared through your story. God has a purpose in our pain. God bless ❤️ Lisa

This is a great testimony by my friend Diana Gill. I first met Diana at the Bank of Montreal at the McKenzie Towne Branch in Calgary AB. Through our talks I learned she was a Christian and that her late husband, who was pastor,had passed away from cancer. I could relate to her loss since my wife had passed away on 1-May -2019 of multiple organ failure and my youngest step-daughter had passed away on 11-November-1997 as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident. Along with her current husband Greg Gill we encouraged Diana as she wrote the book. That meant being creative in household chores and other activities to give Diana " Diana Time " to write the book. This is a great book which is available through Diana's website. This book has opened doors for Diana to speak to women's groups and to minister to church congregations with her evangelist husband Greg Gill . The book is a must read for people with illnesses and their care-givers who are going through trying times.  



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